Children of all ages are faced with situations at school, in social settings, and in public that require good manners and proper etiquette. Good Graces Everyday Etiquette can reinforce and supplement the training that your child receives at home. Give your children the skills and confidence they need to handle a variety of social situations in a way that reflects well on them and your family. Classes are held in a fun and dynamic atmosphere where children learn by fun and engaging activities. All classes are held at the home of JoAnne Dorr located in Liberty Park.

Good Graces Everyday Etiquette is a full service etiquette boutique. Our goal is to help your children become confident, classy and composed. We are currently enrolling for our Fall semester. To reserve a spot, visit the Contact page and send us your information to start the enrollment process.

Good Graces Everyday Etiquette Services:

Five week program (Five one-hour weekly sessions): $150

Classes are organized by age group and will include age appropriate basic training in table manners, introductions, first impressions, telephone manners, posture and self confidence with a healthy dose of kindness, courtesy and respect and empathy for others. Visit our Details page for more information on class times and availability.